About us

MMT has existed since 2004, and was founded upon ground-breaking hypotheses which were later verified, patented, published and put into practice.

Our Corporate Development Strategy

MMT holds key intellectual property in several areas of functional MRI, intelligent survellience camera design, and object recognition. MMT believes that any commercialization of technology in the areas of object recognition using activation patterns on MRI will need to use MMT patented technology, and will require licensing agreements from us.

We are seeking corporate partnerships and licensing which will provide a supportive framework within which to commercialize within our expected product areas. Because we own the only patent which correlates brain activation patterns to concepts, we expect that any commercial development in this area must license MMT technology.

Commercial development areas for MMT Rosetta technology.

What Rosetta Technology can do :

Using our patented and proprietary Rosetta technologies, cognitive patterns representing brain activity and thought patterns can be identified as Cognitive Engrams. The Rosetta technology involves specialized imaging algorithms, customized sensory input, computational neuroimaging processes, and utilizes pre-certified imaging centers.

Brain Patterns That Rosetta Technology Can Interpret
Face Recognition
Object Recognition
Truth vs Deception in Interrogation
Objective visual and graphic documentation of the presence of acute inducible pain
Dream sequences
Correlation between face recognition using fMRI patterns and biometric analysis of video images