Document Pain

Use of Functional MRI to Validate the Presence of Pain.

Pain is a subjective sensation. To date, validation of an individual’s claim to be experiencing pain rested on a history of injury, supportive physical exam, imaging studies, and evaluation by pain specialists. Functional MRI has been shown by many researchers to be able to show increased brain activity in known pain sensory areas. Use of functional neuroimaging finally allows for the objective documentation of the existence of pain. MMT NeuroTech has experience in the use of neuroimaging to provide objective graphically illustrated fMRI scans to support claims of (acute inducible) pain. This information can be used, among other things, to support / document injury claims.

Clinical Study With Pre-Alzheimer’s Condition

MMT has received IRB approval for the PCD=OO ALZ clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of several particular medications / treatments in the preventative treatment of Pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease (ALZ). These medications are approved by FDA for other indications and have shown promise in preventing the progression of Preclinical Alzheimer’s disease and / or of Alzheimer’s disease.

Thought / Dream Recording

MMT NeuroTech Offers First Commercial Thought Recording Session

Every minute, every day of our lives we have experiences and thoughts, which form our individual life experiences. Collectively our memories constitute our lives. Yet, for almost all of us, what we remember is distressingly ephemeral. With time, we loose almost off of our experiences. At this time, the only way we can even partially record our memories is notes, diaries, audio and video recordings. But times have certainly changed !

Hold That Thought !

Recent studies conducted at major International neurologic research institutes and published in peer-reviewed medical journals indicate that it is possible to record conscious thoughts as a stream of consciousness, and to store our recorded thoughts is a private manner for reconstruction and use in the future. It is also now technically possible to record short dream sequences using functional MRI.



Determining innocence of a criminal charge based upon interrogation and evidence can be a difficult and indeterminate process. Polygraphy is limited by reliance on peripheral manifestations of anxiety (skin conductance, heart rate, and respiration)

Fibromyalgia Documentation


Fibromyalgia FM is a rheumatologic syndrome recognized as a disease state by the American College of Rheumatology. FM is a diagnosis defined by a specific set of criteria, but is often accompanied by disbelief, lack of recognition. Persons suffering from FM can experience difficulty for their FM, and denied treatment, disability.

Diagnostic Criteria Fibromyalgia

As an answer to this lack of acceptance, MMT NeuroTech now provides the MMT FM.Scan. The purpose of the FM.Scan is not to diagnose or treat FM. The FM.Scan is a way to provide the first objective, graphic, visual documentation of the presence of Fibromyalgia. The FM.Scan uses changes in the brain, shown by structural and functional neuroimaging, to validate your experience with FM.

Clinical Study

For Autism

MMT has requested IRB approval for the Ped=IO ASD clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of early treatments initiated by the early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder ASD..

The PED=IO ASD MRI Protocol is a non-treatment observational non-blinded clinical study designed to verify recent and very critical findings in ASD Clinical Research