MMT NeuroTech Offers First Commercial Thought Recording Session

Every minute, every day of our lives we have experiences and thoughts, which form our individual life experiences. Collectively our memories constitute our lives. Yet, for almost all of us, what we remember is distressingly ephemeral. With time, we loose almost off of our experiences. At this time, the only way we can even partially record our memories is notes, diaries, audio and video recordings. But times have certainly changed !Scientists at several key institutions have conclusive demonstrated that using functional MRI, brain activation patterns can be correlated with specific conscious thoughts : faces, objects, moods, pain. MRI has been used to read thoughts and identify specific objects that persons are looking at.

60 Minutes Episode : The MRI Machine That Reads Your Thoughts.
Hold That Thought !

It is possible to record conscious thoughts as a stream of consciousness, and to store our recorded thoughts is a private manner for reconstruction and use in the future. It is also now technically possible to record short dream sequences using functional MRI.

Article : Japanese scientists can read dreams in breakthrough with MRI scans

In both stream of consciousness recording and in dream recording, MMT NeuroTech uses our patented Cognitive Engram technology to correlate specific brain activation patterns to specific thoughts, for interpretation. All recordings are private, and archived in secure manner for your personal use. At the time of the thought recording, we give you the opportunity to record your after-recording notes about your experience and what it is you remember about the recording. We also create an archive of your total DNA set, and store this with your memory

Article : IBT article